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Arabic Basics

I. Alphabet

II. Letters’ Sounds

III. Troublesome Letters

IV. Consonants

V. Vowels

VI. Stress

Arabic Vocabularies

I. Human

II. Animals

III. Food

IV. Things

V. Place

VI. Time

VII. Numbers

VIII. Past Verbs

IX. Present Verbs

Arabic Lessons

I. Reading Numbers

II. The

III. Converting Masculine to Feminine

IV. Demonstrative Pronouns

V. The Dual

VI. The Plural

VII. Pronouns

VIII. The Past Tense

IX. The Present Tense

X. The Imperative

XI. Dependent Personal Pronouns

XII. Word Order

Arabic Expressions

I. Orders and Requests

II. Greetings

III. Asking Questions

IV. Introduce Yourself

V. Manner

VI. Exhortation

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